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OMRI Listed® Seal:

  • For products listed on the OMRI Products Lists
  • Use on product labels or packaging
  • Use to advertise a specific OMRI Listed product
Download the OMRI Listed seal
Products Available Logo

Use the OMRI Listed Products Available Logo:

  • On a company brochure
  • In distributor advertising
  • On your website
  • On your tradeshow booth
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Third-Party OMRI Listed Claims and Ingredient Claims

It is ultimately the responsibility of the OMRI Listed supplier of record to see that use of the OMRI Listed Seal and OMRI Listed claims in association with their product(s), including in promotional materials and on websites of distributors or other third parties, are in conformance with OMRI policy.  OMRI Listed suppliers must be able to document a good faith effort to police third-party use of the Seal in association with their products. 

Product labels or promotional materials that state or suggest that the product contains OMRI Listed ingredients are in violation of OMRI policy. Even if such statements are true, they are not representative of the final product and therefore OMRI considers them to be misleading.

Would you like to download the OMRI Listed® Seal?

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