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As the co-founder and president of Organics Unlimited, a lead importer of quality bananas and tropical fruits, Mayra Velasquez de Leon needs to keep a close eye on the organic standards. One of her largest priorities is ensuring that the producers she works with meet the organic certification requirements at all stages.

The business of bananas is deeply rooted in the Velasquez de Leon family history. For over 30 years they have grown organic bananas in the farms of Mexico. Velasquez de Leon's father was also the first commercial organic banana grower in the world. Before founding Organics Unlimited, Velasquez de Leon worked at her family's company, Mexican American Fruit Company, for over 15 years. Today, she oversees all Organics Unlimited company operations in Mexico and the U.S. The company's mission is to provide quality organic fruit in a socially responsible way.

"I am always checking the OMRI Products List to make sure anything producers use is allowed by OMRI," says Velasquez de Leon. "If it's not OMRI Listed, it's too big a risk."

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