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What to Expect

To apply for OMRI listing of your product, please first purchase an Application Kit. The kit includes:

  • Checklist and Instructions
  • All forms
  • OMRI Policy Manual©
  • OMRI Generic Materials List© with the OMRI Standards Manual© for review to U.S. National Organic Program (NOP) standards 
  • OMRI Canada Standards Manual© including the OMRI Canada Permitted Substances Categories (electronic copy only), for review to Canada Organic Regime (COR) standards.

There are five applications to choose from under each of the standards that OMRI conducts reviews (U.S. NOP and COR). For new applications, a product can be reviewed for uses under one or more of the following Use Classes: Crop Product, Livestock Product, Processing Product or Pesticide Product. Certain products could qualify as Repackaged Products*, which require a simpler application process. You will choose one of these when you download your application materials from the website. Below is a list of information that will be required for each application.

New Product Application Repackaged Product* Application
  • Several forms will be included in the application. Fill them out completely and include with your application
  • The Total Ingredient List should quantify all ingredients or feedstocks used to make the final product
  • Provide an SDS or MSDS, if required by a governmental occupational safety and health organization (OSHA or WHMIS)
  • Declare any genetically modified organisms, ionizing radiation or nanotechnology used in your product, as applicable
  • Provide written descriptions of the manufacturing process for the final product, and for each non-synthetic ingredient
  • All versions of the product label are required (all sizes, all languages, etc.)
  • For OMRI Listed and certified organic ingredients not made by your company, include proof of purchase or receiving logs
  • Provide lab analysis for your final product or feedstock, if identified as required in your application materials. 
  • All relevant fees detailed on OMRI's Review Cost page‡
  • Several forms will be included in the application. They must be completely filled out and included with your application
  • Please identify the OMRI Listed® product that is being repackaged
  • All versions of the product label are required (all sizes, all languages, etc.)
  • Include proof of purchase for the OMRI Listed product being repackaged, if the original OMRI Listed product is not made by your company
  • All relevant fees detailed on OMRI's Review Cost page‡

Review Process

Once an application has been received by OMRI, one of our staff members will confirm that we have received your application.  Then your product will undergo pre-review, compliance review and OMRI's Review Panel will make the final status decision.  

You will be contacted throughout the review if more information is needed, or if staff have any additional questions about your product. Information about OMRI's median review time is always available on our website. . 

Start the process! Order an Application Kit now.

*A Repackaged Product is a current OMRI Listed® product that is repackaged and marketed under a different product or company name. In order for a product to qualify as a Repackaged Product, a supplier must not be adding ingredients or changing the product in any way, and must either hold the original OMRI listing, be a sub-registrant (pesticide products only), or must purchase the OMRI Listed product directly from the OMRI Listed supplier or authorized distributor.

‡Per National Organic Program (NOP) Guidance 5012, all liquid fertilizers with over 3% nitrogen must undergo an onsite inspection before listing. Once listed, these products must undergo two inspections per year to maintain their listing. Please see the Review Cost Page or contact OMRI for more details.