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OMRI Advisory Council

Advisory Council (AC) members are selected by the Board of Directors to provide a broad range of expertise and perspectives from throughout the organic community. AC members include farmers, researchers, professional consultants, industry representatives, and others from within the organic community. The AC helps OMRI Staff and Review Panels interpret OMRI policy and standards and makes recommendations to the Board regarding policy and standards development and refinement. AC members may also participate in research and education projects. The Technical Director serves as staff liaison and coordinator to the Advisory Council.

Membership List

Brian Baker, Ph.D.
Will Brinton, Ph.D.
Emily Brown Rosen 
Kate Burroughs
Tane Datta
Jackie DeMinter
John Fagan, Ph.D.
David Gould
Jacqueline P. Jacob, Ph.D.
Mary O. Mulry, Ph.D.
William Quarles, Ph.D.
Eric Sideman, Ph.D.
Zea Sonnabend
Jessica Walden (non-voting member)