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How OMRI Helps

"OMRI Listed" means a strong and efficient organic industry!

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What are people saying about OMRI?

Industry Leadership

"Without their service I'd be lost in a sea of questionable products." —Organic producer

"I trust the list that is published by OMRI, and I appreciate OMRI's interaction in the industry, which is very helpful in clarifying questions around input reviews." —Organic certifier

"I have not seen any other institute or entity that gives the same service as OMRI. I depend on their research and the information is reliable and current." —Anonymous comment

"I appreciate the service they provide. It is very accessible and easy to use. My organic certification needs to be as streamlined as possible and OMRI helps simplify some of the certification steps." —Organic producer

"They have been the leader in materials review since their inception. They are very thorough in their research." —Anonymous comment

Certifier Support

Certifier Photo"They provide a much-needed source of information that is accessible to all and in-depth backup for those who subscribe and certifiers. The citations about restrictions are particularly helpful."

"OMRI is a great resource to the Organic Industry especially to certifiers. I appreciate their service and encourage their growth in the industry."

"OMRI is generally more objective to certain materials than other certifying agencies and only add such products to the list after policy allows it."

"OMRI has provided expertise in certain areas where assistance was needed. Because our agency is so small, we rely on our OMRI contract for such assistance and to satisfy NOP requirements for materials review." 

"Staff is approachable. Provide technical expertise that is often lacking in interpretations and discussions of use of organic inputs. Excellent resource for training of inspectors and reference tool for use on farm visits."