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OMRI Welcomes Comments on Proposed Changes to Our Manuals

(April 8, 2010)  Please note that the comment period is now closed.  The draft manuals are no longer posted on this website.  You are always welcome to submit general comments regarding OMRI Policices and Standards using the OMRI Comment Form.

(March 18, 2010)

For Public Posting

OMRI welcomes comments on its Standards Manual, Generic Materials List, and Policy Manual. The public comment period will be open for 15 days, until Friday, April 2nd, 2010.

OMRI’s purpose for changing its manuals at this time is to relocate much of the administrative detail that was unnecessarily placed into these high level manuals into more conveniently used locations. For example, detail held in the Standards Manual will be placed in application packets to which our customers can more easily refer. Some detail such as OMRI’s hours of operation and history/mission will be placed on the OMRI website. Finally, some detail will be moved to internal procedural manuals.

To view the manuals and comment form use the following links:

Policy Manual

Standards Manual

Generic Materials List

Comment form

Originally, the Standards Manual and Policy Manual were built to contain most information about how OMRI runs its business in order to be ISO Guide 65 compliant. What OMRI has discovered is that the level of detail in these manuals is too great and it is keeping OMRI from running a timely, effective business. Much like the constitution of the United States, the Policy Manual and Standards Manual should contain important concepts of how OMRI will run its business. The detail should be held in other documents that are amended as needed to better facilitate our services.

OMRI amended the documents using Microsoft Word’s tracked changes feature.

Please keep in mind that this round of revisions to our manuals is outside of our normal two year cycle and therefore we are currently not editing the manuals to make major changes regarding what we do. We are relocating details of what we do to the appropriate level of management. All comments are welcome, and if the change that you have proposed is good but not related to improving OMRI’s efficiency and timeliness, we may save your comment for a change to the manual in the following year.


OMRI Staff