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OMRI Updates Generic Materials List

(July 30, 2012) Responding to recent changes in policy from the National Organic Program (NOP), the Board of Directors has voted to update the OMRI Generic Materials List© (GML). The update became effective on June 27, 2012. A PDF report of the updated entries is available on the Generic Materials List page of the OMRI website, or you may download the update here: Download GML Update

The update includes:

Crop Materials

  • Antibiotics, Streptomycin Sulfate (CP)
  • Bleach (CT)
  • Cheesewax, microcrystalline (CT)
  • Chlorine Dioxide (CT)
  • Chlorine Materials (CT)
  • Soap - pesticide (CP)
  • Streptomycin Sulfate (CP)
  • Sulfur Dioxide - Prohibited (CP)
  • Worm Castings (CF)

Livestock Materials

  • Chlorine Dioxide (LT)
  • Chlorine Materials (LT)
  • Fenbendazole (LH)
  • Ivermectin (LH)
  • Moxidectin (LH)
  • Pectin (LF)

Processing Materials

  • Acidified Sodium Chlorite (PS, PN)
  • Annatto Extract Color (PA)
  • Beet Juice Color (PA)
  • Beta-carotene Color (PA) 
  • Black Currant Juice Color (PA)
  • Black/Purple Carrot Juice Color (PA)
  • Bleach (PS)
  • Blueberry Juice Color (PA)
  • Carrot Juice Color (PA)
  • Cherry Juice Color (PA)
  • Chlorine Dioxide (PS)
  • Chlorine Materials (PS, PN)
  • Chokeberry—Aronia Juice Color (PA)
  • Colors, Agricultural (PA)
  • Elderberry Juice Color (PA)
  • Grape Juice Color (PA)
  • Grape Skin Extract Color (PA)
  • Hops (PA)
  • Lecithin - de-oiled (PA)
  • Orange Pulp, dried (PA)
  • Pectin – high methoxy (PA)
  • Pectin – low methoxy (PA)
  • Pumpkin Juice Color (PA)
  • Purple Potato Juice Color (PA)
  • Red Cabbage Extract Color (PA)
  • Red Radish Extract Color (PA)
  • Saffron Color (PA)
  • Seaweed, Pacific Kombu (PA)
  • Turmeric Color (PA)
  • Yeast (PN)

Please download and use the update in conjunction with the 2011 Generic Materials List to obtain the most current information. You are welcome to contact OMRI with any questions.


OMRI Class Codes:

CF: Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
CP: Crop Pest, Weed, and Disease Control
CT: Crop Management Tools and Production Aids

LF: Livestock Feed Ingredient
LH: Livestock Health Care
LP: Livestock External Parasiticides and Pesticides
LT: Livestock Management Tools and Production Aids

PA: Processing Agriculture Ingredients and Processing Aids
PN: Processing Non-agricultural Ingredients and Processing Aids
PP: Processing Pest Control
PS: Processing Sanitizers and Cleaners