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OMRI Generic Materials List

Generic Materials List

The OMRI Generic Materials List© is a catalog of over 900 substances that are Allowed, Allowed with Restrictions, or Prohibited for use in organic agriculture and food processing.

Based on the USDA National Organic Program, this publication serves as a reference guide for organic farmers, handlers, processors, inspectors, certifiers, agricultural professionals, and all others with an interest in materials for use in organic production. You are welcome to view a few sample pages here: Download Sample Generic Materials List

Subscription Program

Starting at just $59, the OMRI Subscription is a cost-effective way to stay current with the latest information. Subscribers receive printed copies of both the OMRI Products List© and the OMRI Generic Materials List, along with updated editions as they are printed. The subscription also includes the quarterly Materials Review newsletter, and quarterly delivery of the OMRI Products List Supplement. Learn more and purchase a subscription on the Subscribe page.

OMRI Generic Materials List

The OMRI Generic Materials List includes the OMRI Standards Manual© for USDA NOP Review, and is provided as a resource for OMRI subscribers, the public, and as part of the OMRI Application Kit for applicants. Visit www.omri.org/kit to learn more about the OMRI Application Kit, or use the form below to purchase a separate Generic Materials List.

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