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Certifier Referral Program

How Does it Work?

As an OMRI subscribing certifier, you receive a unique OMRI discount code for referrals. Find your codes by logging in and visiting your My Account page, or you may contact OMRI to receive printed or electronic custom brochures with your codes included. Your discount codes will not change as long as you remain an OMRI subscriber.

Livestock and Processing Product Referrals

Suppliers of livestock and processing products can use the APP prefix with your numeric code to receive both a free OMRI Application Kit and a 15% discount off their first product application fee. (Crop products are not eligible for this program.) Certifier commissions of $40 for each new product application received will be paid in July, at the end of the subscription year. (Limit one commission per applying company.)

Subscription Discounts for Certifier Clients

Your clients can use your code with either the IND or the ORG prefix to receive a $20 discount for their individual or organizational subscription. The discount will be applied automatically during checkout. Commissions of $3 per subscription will be paid to certifiers at the end of the certifier subscription year, based on the number of clients who use the certifier code.


We welcome your feedback as we launch this pilot program. Please contact OMRI with any questions or comments.