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OMRI is not currently accepting applications to the Mexico Organic Products Law (LPO) in order to focus on implementing the 2023 standards update. Read more here: https://www.omri.org/lpo-pause.

OMRI Mexico

Since Mexico has different organic standards from the United States (NOP) and Canada (COR), a separate review is required to determine if an already listed product is compliant for use in Mexico. Products reviewed and determined to be allowed for organic use in Mexico are OMRI Listed® and included in the OMRI Mexico Products List© which is available for free download, and also included in our online search. OMRI has temporarily paused receipt of new applications (see press release) to review input products to the Mexico Organic Products Law (LPO), in order to focus on a large standards update published May 2023.  

Why Mexico?

The Mexican organic market has enjoyed steady growth in recent years. Mexican input suppliers are already familiar with OMRI’s review program; inputs produced in Mexico already account for 16% OMRI Listed products!

There is currently no public list of approved inputs under the regulations of the LPO, and OMRI hopes to fill that gap. There are 18 approved certification agencies in Mexico.

This is what one of the certification managers says about OMRI’s new development:

“The certification of organic products in Mexico will be strengthened with the experience that OMRI has gained in input evaluation. The very history of OMRI’s development can be used to define policies for the evaluation of organic inputs in Mexico. OMRI is very well positioned in the Mexican market and organic operators, as well as input suppliers, already recognize and trust it.”

Learn More

Review the Guidelines for Organic Production to get more familiar with the LPO standards.

While applications for review to the Mexican standards are currently paused, future applicants are encouraged to review our Frequently Asked Questions for the OMRI Mexico review program, or explore OMRI’s “Get Listed” menu tab to learn more about the application process.