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OMRI Seal Use

The OMRI seal provides instant recognition that a product has passed OMRI's technical review and is compliant with organic standards. Companies with OMRI Listed® products automatically receive access to download the appropriate Seal(s) through the Advanced Features menu for logged in users. Contact OMRI for more information about downloading or using the OMRI seal.

OMRI Listed Seal

OMRI Listed® Seal

The OMRI Listed seal is a registered trademark of OMRI. OMRI provides the Seal in electronic form to suppliers of OMRI Listed products allowed under USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards. Manufacturers and distributors of OMRI Listed products must ensure that the Seal is used only in direct connection with specific products that are currently on the OMRI Products List©. Displaying the Seal in a way that could reasonably be thought to apply to a product that is not currently OMRI Listed is in violation of OMRI policy and U.S. trademark law.


OMRI Listed Products Available Logo

OMRI Products Available Logo

The OMRI Listed Products Available logo may be used by companies that produce, supply, or distribute products that are currently on the OMRI Products List . The Products Available logo may be used on company websites, brochures, catalogs, and other media that is not directly related to an OMRI Listed product. It is not a substitute for the OMRI Listed seal.

If you are a supplier of an OMRI Listed product, please log in to download the OMRI Listed Products Available logo. If you are a distributor of an OMRI Listed product and would like access to the Products Available logo, please contact us by email or at 541-343-7600 ext. 101, or contact your product supplier.


OMRI Canada Seal

OMRI Canada Seal

Products that meet the Canada Organic Regime (COR) standards may include the OMRI Canada seal on their packaging and in product advertising. For products that meet both USDA and COR organic standards, OMRI also offers a combined USA/Canada seal. Both Seals are available in electronic form to suppliers with products that meet the applicable standards.