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Review Process


What is the OMRI process for reviewing applications?

OMRI processes applications in the order in which they are received. Upon receipt, a Review Program Specialist will pre-review the application to ensure that it is complete. If it is not complete or clarification is needed, then the applicant will be contacted via email. Once the pre-review stage is complete, an OMRI Product Review Coordinator reviews the product for compliance with the specified organic standard. The reviewer may ask for additional information relevant to the review of the product.

Once the application is complete, the reviewer prepares a summary and a recommendation for the application. The OMRI Review Panel then studies the summary and recommendation, and either votes on a product's status or requests more information. OMRI seeks to notify the applicant within one week after the Review Panel completes their decision-making process.

If the panel approves the application, OMRI issues a certificate and an approval letter. Products that are compliant are given an "Allowed" or "Allowed with Restrictions" status and are added to the OMRI Products List(s). The product is also included on our website list search.