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Product Labeling


What are OMRI's policies for product labeling?

OMRI policies for product labeling are described in §2.7 and §4.2.2 of the OMRI Policy Manual©. Here are some tips:

  • Company and product name on the label (or in bulk sales documentation) must match the information submitted on the application and listed on the OMRI Products List©.
  • The terms "USDA Organic," "certified organic," and "NOP organic" cannot be used unless the product is a food or fiber that is certified organic by an accredited certification agency. In all cases, the phrases "for organic use" and "for organic production" are permitted on OMRI Listed products. See the table below for specific rules.
  • Processing Sanitizers and Cleaners (Class PS) products that contain any ingredient that is not on the National List of allowed nonagricultural substances at 205.605 must provide use instructions (on product label or other information conveyed with the sale of the product) which include demonstrably effective methods to prevent contact between organic food and any prohibited substance. Such instructions should include dilution and application rates and intervening events as applicable.

Specific rules for using the term "organic" on labels for products in the following classes identified by their two letter code in this table, the following rules should be observed:

Classes Rules
CF, CT, LT, LH, PS, PN None beyond the general rule noted in the OMRI Policy Manual section 2.7.1.
LF, PA, PN "Organic" is permitted with proof of relevant organic certification on the final product