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Can I call my product "certified organic" once approved?

No. The term "certified organic" is reserved for food and fiber products that meet the organic standards. Organic operators look for the OMRI Listed® seal because it assures them the product has passed OMRI expert review for use as an input for organic production. Foods, fibers, and feeds are eligible to be called "certified organic" and carry the USDA's seal for organic products. Input products are used to grow, process, or produce organic foods, feed, or fibers including substances such as fertilizers, pesticides, and other materials used on the farm or in the food processing facility. They are typically not eligible to carry the USDA seal or use the term "certified organic." Inputs are either Allowed, Allowed with Restrictions or Prohibited for use in organic agriculture or food processing. Because the job of determining whether individual inputs products comply with the organic standards can be a tough one, OMRI is dedicated exclusively to this task. This means that OMRI is the most experienced reviewer available. OMRI also assists with the promotion of those inputs by licensing the OMRI seal and the use of the term OMRI Listed®, and by including these products in the OMRI Products List©, which is viewed and trusted by thousands of organic farmers and gardeners throughout North America.