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Annual Renewal


What is the OMRI process for annual renewal?

OMRI sends annual renewal notifications to suppliers with OMRI Listed products. Most companies complete their renewal using our online interface, but renewal packets are also available upon request. To renew, suppliers must complete the renewal and submit the applicable fees and other documentation requested. If the completed renewal, fees and other requested documentation are not received by the final deadline (5 business days prior to the product listing expiration date) the products are removed from the OMRI Products List and/or the OMRI Canada Products List.

Product listing renewal dates occur one year from the first day of the calendar quarter following the date a product is added to the OMRI Products List. Your renewal materials will indicate the due date by which all of the renewal documents and fees should be received by OMRI.  Note that the early renewal due date is needed to allow time for processing the large number of renewals OMRI receives prior to the listing expiration date. 

Suppliers with more than one OMRI Listed product will be prorated so that all of their renewals are due at the same time.

The renewal process allows OMRI to maintain accuracy of the information in the OMRI lists through:

  • removing discontinued products
  • updating information about suppliers and products

Once the renewal is complete, Listed suppliers will receive updated certificates for all OMRI Listed products.

If the renewal cannot be completed by the due date listed in the renewal notification, an authorized contact must request an extension.  Only one extension can be granted, extending the deadline until 5 business days before the date listed on the OMRI certificate.

Please contact our Renewals Team at for more information about renewing your product listing.