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Annual Renewal


What is OMRI's process for completing the annual renewal?

OMRI sends annual renewal notifications to companies with OMRI Listed® products. To renew, companies use OMRI's online interface to submit the applicable fees and requested information. If all of the requirements are not received by the final deadline (5 business days prior to the product listing expiration date) the company's products are removed from the OMRI Products List© and/or the OMRI Canada Products List©.

Product listing renewal dates occur quarterly and are based on the date a product is added to the OMRI Products List(s). Your renewal materials will indicate the due date by which all of the renewal documents and fees should be received by OMRI. Note that the early renewal due date is needed to allow time for processing the large number of renewals OMRI receives prior to the listing expiration date. 

Companies with more than one OMRI Listed product will have renewal fees for any newly listed products prorated so that all of their renewals are due at the same time.

Once the renewal is complete, the updated certificates for the company's OMRI Listed products will be published on our website.

Please contact our Renewals Team at for more information about renewing your product listing.