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Additional Use Class


What is required to request an additional use class for my product listing?

OMRI use classes describe the final use for a product under the organic standards, such as “Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments” (CF) or “Processing Pest Controls” (PP). Some products may be used in multiple ways by an organic producer. For example, a crop fertilizer is sometimes also used as a livestock feed ingredient. In those cases, the company may wish to list the same product under multiple categories on the OMRI Products List. When a company wishes to have a product listed under an additional use class, the following documents and all fees need to be submitted to OMRI:

  •  For products that are already OMRI Listed or in the process of being reviewed:
    • Submit a Change Report, requesting the additional use class.
    • Complete the appropriate Product Report for the new use class (for example, if the product is listed under Processing Sanitizers and Cleaners, and the supplier wants to also list the product under Crop Management Tools and Production Aids, the supplier would complete any item on the Product Report-Crop, that was not submitted with the original application).
  • For new applications:
    • Indicate each use class where you would like to have the product reviewed on the Product Information form. 
    • Complete Product Reports for all use classes selected on the Product Information form (see above for details).

When you are logged into the OMRI website, additional forms can be found on the Individual Forms and Checklists page. If you have any questions, please contact OMRI's application support team at 541-343-7600 x105.