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OMRI Canada Review Panel

OMRI is pleased to welcome Rochelle Eisen, Garry Lean, and Kelly Monaghan as founding members of the OMRI Canada Review Panel. This panel will make final decisions for OMRI Canada Listed products, including applications for crop, livestock and processing uses.

Garry Lean, P.Ag. of Ontario, has been an organic inspector for 20+ years and IOIA Trainer since 2006. He is a Lead Trainer for the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA) Inspector training courses and has contributed to the development and implementation of webinars for the Pasture Rule and Non-GMO Project. He was a college professor in Agroecology/ Ecosystem Management for 25 years at Fleming College in Ontario, Canada. He holds a BSc degree in Agriculture and MA in Education.

Kelly Monaghan recently served as Chairperson of Canada’s Organic Technical Committee, the industry group that writes and revises the Canadian Organic Standards.  She has an MBA from York University in Toronto, is an Accredited Process Inspector of the International Organic Inspectors Association and volunteers in an advisory capacity to the Guelph Organic Conference, Canada Organic Trade Association and the IOIA. Kelly Monaghan is president of Ash Street Organics Inc.

Since 1996 Rochelle Eisen has completed over 4000 assorted farm, livestock and processing inspections/reviews for the organic sector in BC and Alberta. She is a board member of the Canada Organic Growers and the Organic Farming Institute of BC, and a member of Canada’s Organic Value Chain Roundtable and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Standards Interpretation Committee.