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OMRI Application Kit Terms and Conditions

The Application Kit includes the OMRI Policy Manual and OMRI Generic Materials List with the OMRI Standards Manual, and all application materials needed to complete an OMRI application. By default you will be given access to the electronic versions of these materials unless you specify that you want a paper copy. The OMRI Application Kit fee is non-refundable. Application Kit fees cannot be transferred to another company.

Ordering an Application Kit does not guarantee that your product will become OMRI Listed®, nor can you advertise your product as “OMRI Listing Pending.” Doing so constitutes a violation under OMRI’s seal use policies. OMRI reserves the right to take legal action against any party for any unauthorized use of the OMRI Seal or OMRI’s name. You must first turn in an application and receive an “Allowed” or “Allowed with Restrictions” listing with OMRI in order to become eligible to use the OMRI Listed Seal on your product.

In accordance with the OMRI Policy Manual, OMRI reserves the right to change program policies. The review of products is based on the National Organic Program Standard and the Canada Organic Regime standards, as applicable to your product listing request. Therefore the rules and regulations may change with effective laws. OMRI makes every effort to inform applicants and suppliers of current OMRI Listed products of any policy changes. By applying to OMRI you agree to abide by current and all future OMRI policies.