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OMRI Improves Timeliness for Product Review

(March 29, 2010) In 2009 OMRI experienced a backlog of new applications that increased review time by several months. OMRI staff worked dligently to handle the backlog by implementing process improvements and hiring additional staff.

We are pleased to announce that OMRI Product Reviewers are now reviewing product applications received in March 2010. Complete applications submitted to OMRI will undergo the review process in less time than applications submitted in 2009 on average. Turnaround time for the review of the applications is expected to take an average of 6-9 month or less dependent on how many applications are received and on the completeness of applications upon receipt. Complete applications and prompt responses to any information requests greatly help to expedite the review process. Please note that incomplete applications may still take longer than the average time.

OMRI welcomes new applications. Applicants are encouraged to contact OMRI prior to completing a product application to verify that they have included all required documents and fees.

Please contact OMRI Administrative Staff with any questions related to completing your product application at info@omri.org or (541)343-7600 ext. 100.


OMRI Staff