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OMRI Liquid Fertilizer Inspection Update

EUGENE, ORE. (December 15th, 2009) - The National Organic Program (NOP) has revised the policy for approving liquid fertilizers with a nitrogen analysis greater than 3% for use in organic production. Notably, the revised policy removes the requirement for a minimum of 100 yards of separation between synthetic nitrogen storage facilities and organic fertilizer production areas. OMRI will continue to review high nitrogen liquid fertilizers and will do so in accordance with the procedures and criteria set forth in the revised policy.     

Read the full NOP Notice here.

Liquid fertilizers on the OMRI Products List have been inspected and meet NOP compliance criteria. Certifiers will be notified of any future changes to the OMRI Products List as OMRI conducts subsequent inspections and liquid fertilizer reviews. Please reference the OMRI Products List for compliant liquid fertilizers rather than the previously posted list of liquid fertilizers reviewed by OMRI.