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OMRI Comments on Compliant Fruit Coatings

(May 26, 2023) OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) has received numerous comments and questions around fruit coatings in the past week.

In response to those comments and questions, any product that is OMRI Listed® as a fruit coating needs to contain only ingredients that are not restricted on the USDA National List, and agricultural ingredients that are organically produced. More information on this is available in our article about fruit coatings: https://www.omri.org/fruit-and-vegetable-coatings .

To expand, OMRI applies the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards and the NOP handbook when reviewing products for post-harvest handling, and specifically NOP Guidance 5023. Any product that OMRI has listed for crop uses in post-harvest handling meets the standards that are communicated in this guidance. OMRI reviews products for the specific use that is included in the manufacturer’s product application and labeling sample. OMRI does not review the product for uses beyond what the manufacturer indicates on their application, even if multiple uses are included on their product label. An OMRI Listed® product, if applied with a use on the product label that does not match the OMRI Listed certificate, could be out of USDA organic compliance.

Ultimately, it is the organic certifier that provides the final approval for an organic operation to use a specific product for a specific use.

As always, any concerns about the USDA organic standards should be directed to the USDA National Organic Program. More information on the organic standards, including how to submit input, is available here: https://ams.prod.usda.gov/about-ams/programs-offices/national-organic-program.

If you would like more information about OMRI’s role in the organic sector, please contact:

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