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Infographic Celebrates 20 Years of OMRI

(September 20, 2016) OMRI (the Organic Materials Review Institute) is honoring its many founders and supporters over two decades of materials review with a snapshot of the organization's many accomplishments, along with commemorative publications and events throughout the coming year. OMRI provides organic stakeholders with independent, third party review of inputs intended for use in organic production and processing. The nonprofit business model is unique in the organic industry and nonexistent in countries outside of North America.

According to Executive Director/CEO Peggy Miars, "Twenty years ago a group of forward thinking industry stakeholders met to work on improving materials review for the organic industry. During the subsequent year, they created the plans and funding needed to create OMRI, officially founding our nonprofit organization in 1997. Now at 20 years we find ourselves with a great opportunity to acknowledge their contributions and OMRI's numerous accomplishments over the past two decades. Stay tuned for more celebrations to come!"

The organization's new infographic below shows how OMRI stacks up today, and offers a glimpse of the growth to come. The OMRI Products List© recently exceeded 4,200 OMRI Listed® products from over 1,200 suppliers that OMRI has determined are allowed for organic use. In addition to providing product review, OMRI regularly contributes Technical Reports and expertise to support the National Organic Standards Board. The organization also recently received the Oregon Organic Coalition Award for Excellence in the area of Environment and Health.


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