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OMRI Lists Products for Canada

(October 29, 2013) OMRI (The Organic Materials Review Institute) is pleased to announce that the OMRI Products List©, the oldest and largest list of input products for use in USDA organic production, now has a counterpart for organic production under Canada Organic Regime (COR) standards. The first ever OMRI Canada Products List© is now available as a free PDF download on the OMRI website (www.omri.org).
In order to provide support for the growing organic market in Canada, the organization began reviewing products to Canadian standards this July, exclusively for products already listed on the OMRI Products List. OMRI plans to provide the service for new companies, and for products that are not already OMRI Listed®, starting next year.
According to Executive Director Peggy Miars, "Applications are streaming in steadily, and we expect the OMRI Canada Products List to reach 100 products next year. We are encouraging all current OMRI Listed companies to apply now."
At just $215 US dollars for the additional listing, the OMRI Canada Products List provides a cost effective way for OMRI Listed companies to verify and communicate compliance in Canada.
"The organic community has waited a long time for this," continues Miars. "We expect this service to help support and promote the incredible growth of the Canada organic market, and we couldn't be more pleased to be part of it."

Amy Bradsher, Marketing Director
(541)343-7600 ext. 106