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OMRI Launches Canada Pilot Program

(June 17,2013) OMRI is pleased to announce the much anticipated launch of the OMRI Canada Pilot Program. Applications for review to Canada Organic Regime (COR) standards are now being accepted, exclusively for products already OMRI Listed® to USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards. The fee for the OMRI Canada “add-on” review service is $215 U.S., renewable annually.

“We literally cannot wait to receive our first applications,” says Program Director Lindsay Fernandez-Salvador. “After months of preparation, we at OMRI are more than ready to start reviewing products for Canada. We look forward to offering current customers the first chance to be included in the new OMRI Canada Products List©.”

The new program is expected to receive significant interest and support from suppliers and organic professionals in Canada, including certifiers. She adds that, “We will be working to ensure the smoothest possible review process. However, given demand, we anticipate that there may be a waiting list for review to COR standards. We appreciate understanding as we launch this brand new program.”

Later this year, OMRI plans to accept applications from new applicants, and for products that are not currently OMRI Listed. Look for an announcement in the coming months. Please contact OMRI to be included in email announcements as the OMRI Canada Review Program continues to develop.

Contact: Amy Bradsher, amyb@omri.org
(541)343-7600 ext. 106