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OMRI Welcomes Comments for Upcoming Revisions

(December 13, 2012) In order to continue improving review policies, procedures, and standards, OMRI plans to revise the Policy and Standards Manual© and Generic Materials List©. OMRI encourages participation by all interested parties in the continuous improvement and development of OMRI policies and standards. Please use this form to suggest revisions and make comments for review and approval by the OMRI Board of Directors. Although OMRI accepts comment forms at any time throughout the year, the deadline to return comments for this revision is December 31, 2012.

Requirements for Policy or Standards Revision Proposals and Comments
Proposals to revise OMRI policy or standards, and comments on such proposals should:

  • Identify the proposing or commenting party, including:
    • Name
    • Mailing Address
    • Other Contact Information (telephone number, fax number, email address)
    • Date
  • Clearly state the proposed revision
    Comments should clearly identify the proposed revision. OMRI suggests that proposals include the complete proposed text and reference the document, section, page, and paragraph to be revised. OMRI requests that proposals to amend existing language in OMRI documents include OMRI's current text and use strikethrough to reflect deletions and underline to reflect additions.
  • Describe the purpose of and need for the proposed revision
    Revision proposals should provide a description of the purpose of the proposed revision and a succinct summary of the argument(s) in support of the proposal. Proposals should also present any relevant history surrounding the issue and include any supporting documentation or applicable research.

Please return your suggestions and comments to info@omri.org by December 31, 2012. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Founded in 1997, the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) provides organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing. OMRI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. When companies apply, OMRI reviews their products against the organic standards. Acceptable products are OMRI Listed® and appear on the OMRI Products List. OMRI also provides subscribers and certifiers guidance on the acceptability of various material inputs in general.