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OMRI Seeks Canadian Project Committee Members

(February 9, 2012) The committee’s primary goal will be to explore the regulatory environment in Canada, to advise OMRI regarding Canadian standards for materials, and to help establish an OMRI review program that will serve the needs of the Canadian organic community. The committee will be temporary, and participation is strictly voluntary. Committee members may also be considered for appointment to a position on OMRI’s Advisory Council, Review Panel, or Board of Directors.

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Committee members will be selected to provide a broad range of expertise and perspectives from throughout the Canadian organic community. Committee members will include farmers, researchers, professional consultants, certifiers, product suppliers, industry members, and others with expertise regarding the Canadian Organic Standards and related regulatory issues. Committee members may also participate in research and education projects. Committee members sign an agreement with OMRI stating that they understand and agree to abide by OMRI policies. The OMRI Program Director serves as staff liaison and coordinator to the Committee.

About OMRI

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) plays a critical role in the organic industry as the leading organization providing professional and transparent independent review of material inputs for use in organic production, handling, and processing. OMRI was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1997 by a partnership of certifiers, the industry, and organizations that have an interest in organic farming.

OMRI publishes its comprehensive list of OMRI Listed® products suitable for use in organic production in print and online.  Farmers, certifiers, gardeners, and agricultural professionals depend upon the OMRI lists of commercial products and generic materials permitted according to the USDA National Organic Program standards. OMRI is currently also exploring the potential for product review to Canadian Organic Standards. 


  • Advanced training in agricultural, food, or life sciences
  • An understanding of the inputs used by organic producers, processors, and handlers in Canada
  • Technical and/or academic credentials in the relevant fields of expertise, as well as practical and/or field experience in organic production, handling, and processing in Canada
  • Working familiarity with organic certification standards, laws, and regulations in Canada.


  • Committee members may participate in regularly scheduled conference calls to discuss OMRI review for Canada.
  • Committee members may make inquiries on behalf of OMRI, specifically discussing OMRI review with members of the Canadian government and the Canadian organic community.
  • Committee members may provide comments on proposed revisions to the OMRI Policy and Standards Manual.
  • The Committee may provide technical input to assist OMRI to resolve policy or standards questions that arise in the product review process.

Benefits to Members:

  • Service on the OMRI Committee is voluntary.
  • Committee members may use their affiliation with OMRI as a credential for public service experience and their expertise in organic standards.
  • Committee members may serve as independent contractors to OMRI and may be compensated for tasks performed on specific topics at a rate established by the Executive Director.
  • Expenses incurred by Committee members are compensated as the OMRI budget allows.Committee members may make inquiries on behalf of OMRI, specifically discussing OMRI review with members of the Canadian government and the Canadian organic community.

How to apply

To express interest in joining the committee, please submit resume and a letter of interest to:  job@omri.org with “Canadian Project Committee” in the subject title by Monday, February 27th, at 8:00 am. Or mail materials to: OMRI, PO Box 11558, Eugene, OR 97440-3758. Attn: Canadian Project Committee.