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Description of Benefits Provided by OMRI 2023

Health Insurance:

  • OMRI provides health benefits for employees through PacificSource.
  • OMRI pays 100% of the premium of the PacificSource health insurance plan for employees working at least 30 hours per week.
  • OMRI allows you to purchase coverage for your dependents (including spouse, domestic partner and children) through OMRI’s health plan. This includes the vision and prescription plan, which are part of our package. OMRI provides partial support for dependent care coverage.
  • The full premium for qualified dependents will be deducted on a monthly basis, pre-tax, from your paycheck. Premium costs for 2023 are:

PacificSource Medical/Vision Plan – OMRI covers 100% of employee premium and 50% of dependent coverage premium

PacificSource Navigator 1500+25  Total Premium OMRI Pays (monthly)Employee Pays (pre- tax/monthly)
Employee $533.38 $533.38 $0
Employee & Spouse/ Domestic Partner $1119.71 $826.55 $293.17
Employee & Family $1554.89 $1044.14 $510.76
Employee & Children  $980.61$757.00 $223.62
  • OMRI will pay the health and dental insurance premiums under the same terms for an employee who is out on Family, Medical or Safe Leave, as described by the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as we would pay if the employee was working their normal schedule (i.e., full premium for full time employees, pre-tax premium for dependents, etc.).
  • Employees leaving OMRI have the option of continuing insurance coverage at their own expense (i.e., the employee pays the full premium) for up to 18 months.

Dental Insurance:

  • OMRI offers employees a choice between two dental plans through Moda. Employee premiums for either plan are paid 100% by OMRI, and dependent coverage premiums for either plan are paid 50% by OMRI. For both choices, you can choose to add your dependents to the plan as well. You can choose to do this even if you do not add your dependents to the PacificSource health care plan. 
  • The full premium for qualified dependents will be deducted on a monthly basis, pre-tax, from your paycheck. Premium costs for 2023 are:

Moda Dental Plan – OMRI covers 100% of employee premium and 50% of dependent coverage premium

Delta Dental/Willamette Dental  Total Premium OMRI Pays (monthly)Employee Pays (pre- tax/monthly)
Employee $55.82$55.82$0
Employee & Spouse/ Domestic Partner $116.10$85.96$30.14
Employee & Family$199.83$127.82$72.00
Employee & Children  $133.96$94.89$39.07

Delta Dental: This plan pays up to $1,500 per year for dental services, with a $50 deductible. They will pay 100% of the cost for preventative services (twice yearly exams and x-rays, cleanings, space maintainers, fluoride treatment, etc.), and 80% of the cost for basic services (fillings, oral surgery, treatment of diseased or damaged teeth or gums), and 50% of the cost for major services (implants, crowns, dentures, and bridges). You may choose from a network of dentists around the region.

Willamette Dental Group: This plan requires you to use a dentist in Willamette Dental Group (only employees in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho are eligible). It has no maximum benefit, and no deductible. Preventative services are 100% covered. You pay a $15 co-pay for a general office visit, and a set amount for other services (for example, $125-225 for a root canal, $30 for a specialty office visit, $2,800 for orthodontic services).

Vision Coverage:

OMRI's vision coverage is part of our PacificSource plan.

Additional PacificSource Benefits:

Included in our healthcare plan with PacificSource, we receive the following additional benefits. 

  1. InTouch for Members
  2. CafeWell
  3. Assist America – Global Emergency Services
  4. Wellness for Kids (HealthKicks)
  5. 24-Hour NurseLine – (855)834-6150
  6. Hospital-based education classes
  7. Prenatal Program
  8. Tobacco Cessation Program
  9. Prescription Discount Program
  10. Health News and Tips
  11. Weight Management
  12. Active&Fit Direct (Discounted Gym Memberships)
  13. Global Emergency Services through Assist America
  14. Nurse Case Managers
  15. Condition Support Program
  16. Accordant rare disease management and specialty pharmacy
  17. Teladoc

Life Insurance:

Employees who work at least 30 hours a week will receive a $50,000 life insurance policy through MetLife, with the premium entirely paid by OMRI. This policy also includes a $50,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance.

Short Term Disability Insurance:

Employees who work at least 30 hours a week will receive Short Term Disability insurance through MetLife, with the premium entirely paid by OMRI. Short term disability insurance provides a weekly benefit equal to 60% of salary, to a maximum of $1,000 per week. You are considered disabled if you have an illness or injury that limits you from performing your regular occupation, and are under the care of a physician for that illness or injury. For an injury or illness, benefits would begin after a 7 day waiting period for eligibility. Benefits can last up to 12 weeks, or until your doctor determines you are able to return to work, whichever is sooner.

Long Term Disability Insurance:

Employees who work at least 30 hours a week will receive Long Term Disability insurance through MetLife, with the premium entirely paid by OMRI. You are considered disabled if you are unable to perform the duties of your position due to illness or injury. You may receive 60% of your monthly income, up to $6,000, after the end of the elimination period of 90 days. Long Term and Short Term disability are designed to work   together; if you become ill or injured, you first receive short term disability, and if you are still unable to work when that runs out, you shift to long term disability.

Employee Assistance Program:

Through MetLife, OMRI staff have access to an Employee Assistance Program. This program provides counseling and advice to help you maintain a strong life work balance and deal with personal issues that may arise, such as recommendations for child and eldercare services, financial advice, relationship problems, depression, grief and attorney referrals and legal consultations. Through MetLife, Will preparation services are also provided. 


OMRI offers a retirement benefit through a 401(k) plan, administered by Aspasia Wealth Management. OMRI automatically contributes 3% earnings for all regular (part-time and full-time) employees, regardless of the employee contribution. Employees may, but are not required to, put a dollar amount or percentage of their salaries into the account, up to $22,500 per year. Employees 50 years or older can make additional catch-up contributions up to $7,500. Eligibility starts on the first day of the month following the employee’s hire. There is no vesting period; when an employee leaves OMRI, the full amount that OMRI has contributed to the account remains in the account, regardless of the length of tenure with OMRI.


OMRI currently offers the following transportation benefits:

  • Free bus passes for employees who work in the OMRI office 3 or more days a week
  • Free car parking
  • Free covered bike parking
  • Bike supplies in the office—spare lock, bike pump and other tools for emergency bike repair.
  • Emergency Ride Home: Once you have registered, the Emergency Ride Home Program will provide a free cab ride from the office to your destination if you have biked, walked, bused, or car-pooled to work and you have a personal or family emergency or illness that prevents you from walking/biking/etc. home.


Paid Leave:

  1. 13 Holidays per year when the office is closed. 
  2. Paid Time Off: is accrued on a monthly basis. Leave time should be requested at least two weeks in advance whenever possible, and carries over from year to year, with a maximum balance of 300 hours. Unused PTO days are paid out upon departure from OMRI. The number of PTO days increases with the length of tenure at OMRI.
    • Less than one year: 22 days per year
    • 1st year to end of 3rd year: 27 days per year
    • 4th year to end of 6th year: 32 days per year
    • 7th year to end of 9th year: 37 days per year
    • More than 10 years: 42 days per year
  3. Parental Leave: Up to 20 days of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child.
  4. Bereavement Leave: Up to 10 days of paid leave in the event of the death of a qualified loved one.
  5. Compassion Leave: Up to 10 days of paid leave annually in the event of the death of a loved one not covered by bereavement leave.
  6. State-Specific Paid Leave:  Some states provide Paid Family and Medical Leave, so Oregon employees and employees working remotely in other states may be eligible. 
  7. Veteran’s Day: Paid holiday for employed veterans.
  8. Jury and Witness Duty: Full wage paid during jury duty, with compensation received for jury duty turned over to OMRI.
  9. Sabbatical: Up to 90 days, provided you have been with OMRI for more than 7 years and use the time in a manner that will subsequently provide benefits to OMRI. Required to submit a written proposal, subject to the approval of the Executive Director.

    Remote Supply Reimbursement:

    OMRI offers a $200 reimbursement during each fiscal year for remote work supplies and equipment. This reimbursement is intended for items that support employees in conducting efficient and comfortable remote work. 

    Flexible Schedule:

    OMRI staff can set their regular work schedule with their supervisor, and may adjust it in consultation with their supervisor. As long as you are typically in the office between 10 am and 3 pm most days, most staff can come in early and leave early, come in later and leave later, or adjust their schedule to work more hours on some days and fewer on others. Flexible schedules are subject to approval.

    Professional Development:

    OMRI encourages all staff to participate in professional development and training activities. In addition to all-staff opportunities, OMRI staff will discuss with their supervisors their training needs, and identify methods to develop new skills.

    Discounted Gym Membership:

    OMRI staff can obtain a one year membership from In Shape, a gym about a block away from the office for a discounted rate, by showing that you are an OMRI employee when signing up for membership. (Note: for employees outside of the Eugene area, discounted gym memberships can be obtained through PacificSource’s Active&Fit Direct program.)

    Headspace Subscription:

    OMRI staff can access Headspace for Work, a science-supported app to help employees practice mindfulness, reduce stress, and improve focus and well-being. The Headspace app offers over 1,000 hours of content and 24/7 access.