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Service Agreement for Certifier Subscription

Subscription Period: July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

Eligible Organizations

  • USDA accredited certifiers
  • CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) accredited certification bodies (Tier 1)
  • SENASICA (National Service for Animal and Plant Health, Food Safety and Quality) approved certification bodies (Tier 1)
  • Certification organizations for other organic standards (Tier 1)


The printed publications related to OMRI review are called the OMRI Generic Materials List© and the OMRI Products List©. OMRI provides each subscriber with free printed lists according to the tier at which they subscribe.

Subscriber pays all shipping and handling costs. The subscriber will use list order forms to order electronic or printed copies, including free subscription copies. The shipping fee will be based on the actual cost of shipping via UPS or a comparable delivery service.

The subscriber may distribute OMRI publications to its employees, agents and certified entities, for the duration of the OMRI subscription. OMRI does not assume any responsibility to serve the parties certified by the subscriber.

Other Included Services

  • Technical consultations on materials issues related to USDA, CFIA and SENASICA organic certification
  • Non-confidential product review summaries upon request
  • The quarterly OMRI Products List Supplement©, OMRI Materials Review© (newsletter) and OMRI Prohibited List©
  • NOSB meeting reports and materials decisions
  • Updates reflecting regulatory changes
  • Special reports on international standards, rulemaking or other topics as created
  • Special projects and trainings upon request
  • Support for Spanish-speaking subscribers
Prices for Certifier Services
OMRI Generic Materials List$4.00 each (after receipt of free copies)Regularly priced at $35.00 each
OMRI Products List
$4.00 each (after receipt of free copies)Regularly priced at $25.00 each
Electronic OMRI Standards Manuals (including the Generic Materials List)Free! 
Electronic OMRI Products ListFree! 
Inspector or staff training, or special projectsEmail to request an estimate 

Optional Certifier Contract

USDA, CFIA and SENASICA accredited certifier subscribers have the option of signing an OMRI Certifier Contract. The Contract serves to formally establish OMRI as an external input review service provider for the contracting certifier. The Contract carries an additional administrative fee of $99.00 per subscription period. The Contract may be signed at any time during the subscription period. However, the administrative fee is always paid in full and is non-refundable. OMRI will allow amendments to the Contract only for subscribing government agencies in accordance with applicable state rules and other requirements. OMRI reserves the right to refuse any subscriber’s proposed contract amendments. Subscribers wishing to make amendments to the Contract should request a Microsoft Word version of the file by email to marketing@omri.org, and highlight proposed amendments, which are subject to OMRI approval.

Subscription Fees and Other Details

Subscription fees are paid in advance. When calculating certified parties, certifiers should count certified parties as of the date the form is submitted. Certifiers that are not USDA accredited are Tier 1.

The OMRI Review Program evaluates commercial products for use in certified organic operations. The subscriber, its members and its clients must not construe OMRI Listed® status as a product endorsement, a replacement for organic certification, legal registration or proof of efficacy.

The subscriber understands that product decisions for compliance are based on documentation received in good faith from the product supplier and verified by OMRI staff. The subscriber agrees to hold OMRI harmless in the event that losses result due to false or incomplete statements made by the product supplier. OMRI will promptly inform the subscriber of any changes in the status of an OMRI Listed product. OMRI will make available the information that led to any change— provided it is not confidential—upon request.