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OMRI Class & Category


What is an OMRI Class or Category?

Classes are part of the OMRI classification system that groups products with similar end use attributes. This helps to determine which standards are applied when reviewing the product for organic use and assists usersin finding appropriate products. Applicants complete a Product Report form (which is included in each application) specific to the intended use of the product.

The OMRI Product Use Classes are:
Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments (CF)
Crop Pest, Weed, and Disease Control (CP)
Crop Management Tools and Production Aids (CT)
Livestock Feed Ingredients (LF)
Livestock Health Care (LH)
Livestock External Parasiticides and Pesticides (LP)
Livestock Management Tools and Production Aids (LT)
Processing Agricultural Ingredients and Processing Aids (PA)--NOP only
Processing Non-agricultural Ingredients and Processing Aids (PN)
Processing Pest Control (PP)
Processing Sanitizers and Cleaners (PS)
Processing Containers and Packaging Materials (PC)

An OMRI Category is a general type of materials used in organic crop production, food processing, or livestock production.  Examples include “potting soil,” “fish meal” and “salt.”  Products are listed in the OMRI Products List© and/or OMRI Canada Products List© according to their OMRI category. When applying for a product to be listed by OMRI, choose the material listing that best fits your product. Categories to help users find a specific type of product.

For more information on the OMRI Use Classes and a listing of Categories, see the OMRI Generic Materials List© and OMRI Canada Standards Manual©, which can also be searched via our website.