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Maintaining Your Product Listing


How do I maintain my product listing?

Annual Renewal  (annually) Suppliers need to renew product and supplier listings and submit renewal fees annually to remain on the OMRI Products List or the OMRI Canada Products List. The annual renewal process ensures that OMRI Listed products continue to meet OMRI's standards and allows OMRI to maintain accurate listing information.  This process is simple and does not require the submission of a full product application.

Ongoing Compliance Review   (every 3-5 years) All OMRI Listed products will undergo a full Ongoing Compliance Review every 3-5 years to ensure that the product continues to conform to OMRI's standards. The Ongoing Compliance (OC) Review is required for OMRI’s ISO 17065 accreditation. OC applications must be returned by the deadline in order to keep the product listed.  

Notification of Company and Product Changes    (ongoing) OMRI Listed product suppliers must notify OMRI in writing 60 days prior to the implementation of any Product Changes specified in the OMRI Policy Manual Section 2.9. The downloadable Change Report form is available when you log in to the OMRI website and navigate to the Individual Forms and Checklist page found in the Applicant Menu.

The best way to maintain listings is to respond promptly and completely to all OMRI notifications, including Annual Renewals, Ongoing Compliance and requests for more information during reviews.