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OMRI Review Panels

OMRI's External Review Panels consist of individuals selected by the Board of Directors to provide expertise in the review of commercial products used in organic crop, livestock and processing operations. OMRI also maintains an Internal Review Panel of qualified staff members that make final status decisions under specific circumstances. All Review Panels make final decisions for newly applying products and selected products that undergo re-review. The Review Panels also consider certain decision rebuttals and appeals as outlined in the OMRI Policy Manual©.

Membership List


Rosalie Koenig, Ph.D.
George Kuepper
Javier Fernandez Salvador
Zea Sonnabend
Tom Tomas, Ph.D.


Jackie DeMinter
Andy Hupp
Ann Wells, DVM

Processing and Handling

Steven Harper, Ph.D.
Sarah Reed
Rich Theuer, Ph.D.
Craig Weakley


Rochelle Eisen
Cheryl Laxton
Garry Lean
Kelly Monaghan

Please note that representatives from companies participating in the OMRI Review Program should not contact any member of a review panel regarding any product decision.