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AB 856 Comments Requested by March 7

(March 3, 2011) OMRI (The Organic Materials Review Institute) invites product manufacturers and other industry members to submit comments regarding the proposed regulations for the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) organic input registration program. All comments must be received by CDFA as soon as possible. Comments will be considered along with public testimony at a hearing in Sacramento on March 8. Please see the CDFA public notice, available here. Input product manufacturers who currently sell or intend to sell products for application to California organic farms will be required to comply with the proposed rule. 

OMRI's Executive Director/CEO, Peggy Miars, will represent OMRI at the public hearing, where she will be available to answer questions and participate in the discussion. "These regulations will substantially affect commerce in California, and I would strongly encourage all interested parties to respond immediately," says Miars.  "Now is the time to make your voice heard regarding the proposed rule."

The full text of the proposed regulations is available on the CDFA website at Use the link titled Proposed Text, under the heading Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program, to download the regulations. Comments can be sent directly to Branch Chief Amadou Ba at

The recently enacted legislation has precipitated a strong reaction among input product manufacturers, and within the organic community in California. OMRI anticipates a meaningful and productive dialogue at the upcoming meeting.