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Announcing OMRI / IOIA Webinars for Canada

(March 13, 2014) OMRI (the Organic Materials Review Institute) and the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA) are pleased to announce a new series of joint webinars focused on the use of materials under the Canada Organic Regime (COR) standards. The two organizations initially partnered to conduct webinars for the USDA organic standards over three years ago, resulting in ongoing high quality training opportunities for hundreds of inspectors and certification staff. Now with the recent launch of the new OMRI Canada program, OMRI is expanding its organizational expertise. Technical Director Lindsay Fernandez-Salvador will act as lead presenter, and IOIA Trainer Lisa Pierce will coordinate curriculum for this educational series.
Series Schedule: IOIA/ OMRI Webinar for the Canada Organic Regime standards
May 15, 2014                    Processing Inputs
June 4, 2014                    Crop Inputs
September 18, 2014        Livestock Inputs

See a complete list of OMRI webinar and presentation opportunities on our Calendar page.

Attendees are encouraged to register early for this limited-time opportunity. More information and registration is available from the IOIA website at
IOIA will present the webinars as intermediate 200-level courses designed for individuals with a basic understanding of COR standards and farm inspection or certification. Those who are interested in participating in the course, but who have not completed an IOIA Basic COR Crop regulations course or webinar should contact IOIA before registering.
Participants who meet minimum requirements in the course will receive a joint IOIA/OMRI COR Inputs Webinar Certificate of Completion.
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See a complete list of OMRI webinar and presentation opportunities on our Calendar page.