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OMRI Subscribing Certifiers

Below is the current list of organic certifiers that subscribe to OMRI.

  1. Agricultural Services Certified Organic
  2. Americert International
  3. AsureQuality Limited
  5. Baystate Organic Certifiers
  6. BC Association for Regenerative Agriculture (BCARA)
  7. BioGro New Zealand, Ltd
  8. CCOF Certification Services
  9. CERES
  10. Clemson University - Organic Certification Program
  11. Colorado Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry
  12. CSI-Centre for Systems Integration
  13. Demeter Association, Inc.
  14. Ecocert S.A.
  15. Envirocann
  16. Fraser Valley Organic Producers Assoc. 
  17. Georgia Crop Improvement Association, Inc.
  18. Indocert
  19. Kentucky Department of Agriculture
  20. Metrocert, S.C.
  21. Midwest Organic Services Association 
  22. Minnesota Crop Improvement Association
  23. MOFGA Certification Services
  24. Monterey County Certified Organic
  25. NASAA Certified Organic
  26. Nature's International Certification Services
  27. New Hampshire Department of Agriculture
  28. New Jersey Department of Agriculture
  29. NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC 
  30. North Okanagan Organic Association
  31. OCIA International
  32. Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
  33. OneCert
  34. Oregon Department of Agriculture
  35. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
  36. Pacific Agricultural Certification Society
  37. PAMFA (Verificacion Y Certificacion PAMFA A.C.)
  38. Pennsylvania Certified Organic
  39. Quality Assurance International (QAI)
  40. Quality Certification Services
  41. Rhode Island Dept of Environmental Mgmt, Div. of Ag. & RSRC Mktg.
  42. SCS Global Services
  43. Texas Department of Agriculture
  44. Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC
  45. Washington State Department of Agriculture
  46. Where Food Comes From (formerly ICS)
  47. Yolo County Department of Agriculture