Additional Use Class


What is required to request an additional class of use for my product listing?

When a company wishes to have a currently OMRI Listed or an applying product listed under an additional class of use, the following documents and payment need to be submitted to OMRI:

  •  For products that are already OMRI Listed or in the process of being reviewed:
    • Product Change Report for the additional use class.
    • Product Report (If the product is listed under Processing Sanitizers and Cleaners, and the supplier wants to also list the product under Crop Management Tools and Production Aids, the supplier completes any item on the Product Report-Crop, which was not submitted with the original application).
  • For new applications submit:
    • Product Information form. This form must be from the same company and have an identical product name as the OMRI Listed or applying product.
    • On the Application Fee Worksheet fill in the amount of additional category/class additions and payment of $215 for additional use class/category you wish for OMRI to review.
    • Product Report (see above for details)

If you have any questions, please contact OMRI Application Coordinator at 541-343-7600 x105.