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Is the OMRI Listed seal permitted on all products sold in Canada?

In Canada, labeling for pesticide products and livestock feed ingredients is regulated by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), respectively. Currently, these agencies do not permit the OMRI seal on livestock feed ingredients or pesticide products sold in Canada. Although these products cannot display the OMRI seal, organic producers, certifiers and other customers can download the OMRI Canada Products List for a complete list of products OMRI has reviewed under Canadian organic standards.

In February 2013, the PMRA published a draft revision to the directive governing this issue that, if passed, will allow the OMRI seal on packaging. Specifically, the draft directive states that certain pest control products can be used in organic production, and that “…in the event that reliable assessment has confirmed, as part of the registration process, that a pest control product contains only active ingredients acceptable for organic production systems under the Canada Organic Regime…” then specific labeling language may be used. 

OMRI is committed to seeking a resolution that permits all OMRI Listed products to display the appropriate OMRI seal. Please check back for updates on the use of the OMRI seal on pesticide and livestock feed labels. All OMRI Listed suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the use of the OMRI seal and all product labels are compliant with applicable regulations.