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OMRI Listed Canada


How will OMRI distinguish products listed in accordance with Canadian standards from products listed for U.S. (National Organic Program) organic production?

The approval of any input for organic use is at the discretion of the certifier. Products bearing the OMRI Listed® seal have been reviewed and determined to be allowed for organic use in accordance with U.S. NOP organic standards. These products may or may not meet the organic standards for use in accordance with Canada Organic Regime (COR) standards. Products reviewed in accordance with the COR will be listed in a separate OMRI Canada Products List©, published online especially for producers using this standard. In addition, OMRI seals have been developed specifically for products allowed for use in the U.S. (“OMRI Listed”), for use in Canada (“OMRI Canada”) or allowed under both standards (“OMRI USA/Canada”). For more information, see the OMRI Canada page.