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Seeking Contract Inspectors to Inspect OMRI Listed Inputs – California, Midwest, Northeast, Gulf Coast

Applications Due by February 1, 2022, open until filled

Positions open until filled

Requirements: IOIA full course certificate of completion in Processing, Crops or Livestock. Some experience with on-site inspections (the candidate has performed all of the shadow inspections necessary to be an active IOIA inspector, and has performed at least one inspection independently). Available for at least four inspections per year. Willing to travel.

Preferred qualifications: At least one year of experience inspecting to NOP Rule. Processing Inspections background, as it is most compatible with OMRI Inspections requirements. Experience with input review. Mass Balance experience.

Inspecting with OMRI is similar to inspecting certification bodies that certify processing facilities, though we focus on the verification of the input products. These include fertilizers, livestock feed additives, and processing aids. OMRI works with many inspectors in a variety of countries, and we try to contract with inspectors who live close to the inspected party. Some facilities (ones that make high nitrogen liquid fertilizers) are inspected twice annually. Other facilities are selected randomly for a one-time on-site inspection. Inspectors are provided with all the information they need about a product to adequately observe and document compliance with the OMRI Standards. A checklist with space for comments is provided to you, along with a written request with details about the product, marketing materials, formulation and manufacturing processes. Because of the confidential nature of the products verified by OMRI, inspectors must sign confidentiality agreements and provide certain qualifications, and undergo remote annual training (provided by OMRI).

To initiate a contract with OMRI, you will need to provide:

  • Copies of certificate(s) of IOIA or equivalent inspector training course completion;
  • Current résumé;
  • Two references from your work as an inspector, please include name, number and email address for each;
  • Any language proficiency, in addition to English;
  • Regions you are willing to travel to, (include any regions you travel to often).

Send inquires and complete applications to inspections@omri.org.