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OMRI Introduces New Seal

(October 2, 2012) Robust, efficient, trusted – OMRI (the Organic Material Review Institute) has launched its new seal, with these anchoring principles shaping new directions for the organization and for material review. OMRI, the leading re ...

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OMRI Updates Generic Materials List

(July 30, 2012) Responding to recent changes in policy from the National Organic Program (NOP), the Board of Directors has voted to update the OMRI Generic Materials List© (GML). The update became effective on June 27, 2012. A PDF report of the up ...

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OMRI Announces New Inspection Fees

(June 29, 2012) In the past, OMRI charged product suppliers for all direct inspection costs, plus 25% of costs not related to inspector travel, for all high nitrogen liquid fertilizer and for-cause inspections and sampling. A deposit was collected befor ...

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OMRI Welcomes New Board Members

(June 12, 2012) OMRI (The Organic Materials Review Institute) announces the appointment of Margaret McGrath, Ph.D.; Jennifer Scott, "Coach" Mark Smallwood, and Jackie von Ruden to the OMRI Board of Directors. OMRI, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is ...

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OMRI Announces California Liquid Fertilizer Verdict

(March 1, 2012) In a federal court last week, Peter Townsley quietly entered a plea of guilty to two charges of mail fraud in connection with his former company, California Liquid Fertilizer. The charges involved false information that Townsley subm ...

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OMRI Seeks Canadian Project Committee Members

(February 9, 2012) The committee’s primary goal will be to explore the regulatory environment in Canada, to advise OMRI regarding Canadian standards for materials, and to help establish an OMRI review program that will serve the needs of the Canadian ...

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OMRI Announces New Resources for Retailers and Distributors

(January 18, 2012) OMRI is launching a retail information campaign, with the goal of raising awareness of the OMRI seal and OMRI Listed® products within this important sector. The OMRI Retail Subscription offers access to materials and education about ...

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OMRI Announces Faster Reviews

(November 2, 2011) OMRI's Review Program is now functioning more smoothly than ever, responding swiftly to growing industry demand for professional, third party review of products for organic use. Armed with improved procedural effectiveness, and with a ...

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OMRI Announces Contract with U.S. Department of Agriculture

(October 18, 2011)  OMRI and the USDA have signed a landmark contract to produce a comprehensive list of substances permitted for organic crop production. The objective of the contract is to produce a draft guidance document, called the Permitte ...

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AB 856 Update

(September 1, 2011) On August 24th, the National Organic Program (NOP) posted a letter dated July 12, 2011, on its website . (Scroll to NOP News at the bottom of the page.) The letter to California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) from then ...

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