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OMRI is Hiring a Review Program Specialist

About OMRI The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a leading nonprofit organization working to strengthen the organic industry. OMRI operates an internationally recognized evaluation program that reviews input materials for use in producing, ...

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OMRI Lists

OMRI's printed and web version lists, and comprehensive web search, provide the organic community with accurate, current information about products and materials allowed for organic use. The current OMRI Products List© and OMRI Canada Products Lis ...

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Review Cost

OMRI’s review service fees are scaled to meet the needs of companies with various sizes and business models. The cost of a product review is dependent on the company’s total gross sales for the past year, and the type of product to be reviewed. Please f ...

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What We Do

OMRI lists input products such as fertilizers, pest controls, and livestock care products that are compliant with organic standards. Allowed products are "OMRI Listed®" and may display the OMRI seal. These "input" products are then used to prod ...

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History of OMRI

Founded in 1997, the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers an indepen ...

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OMRI Review Panels

OMRI's External Review Panels consist of individuals selected by the Board of Directors to provide expertise in the review of commercial products used in organic crop, livestock ...

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OMRI's Mission

OMRI's mission is to support the growth and trust of the global organic community through expert, independent and transparent verification of input materials, and through education and technical assistance. OMRI's Vision A world where all people t ...

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Sello OMRI en Español

Estimado Proveedor, Gracias por listar su(s) producto(s) con OMRI! Este es un recordatorio de cortesía para comunicar que el sello de OMRI es el que aparece en esta imagen. C ...

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OMRI Advisory Council

Advisory Council (AC) members are selected by the Board of Directors to provide a broad range of expertise and perspectives from throughout the organic community. AC members include farmers, researchers, professional consultants, industry representa ...

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Benefits of OMRI

Access Growing Markets Within days of your product becoming  OMRI Listed® , potential clients and their certifiers will learn of your acceptance through our website. And organic professionals frequently reference the OMRI Products List ...

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