Miscellaneous Fees

Please read each definition to see whether these fees apply to your situation. If you have a question about the miscellaneous fees, please contact the Application Coordinator at (541) 343-7600 x. 105 or by email to apply@omri.org.



Miscellaneous Fees
Service Definition Fee
Wire Transfer To submit payment via wire transfer. $25
Non-sufficient Funds Check returned for insufficient funds. $25
For Cause
Inspection or Sampling Costs
OMRI conducts site inspections and samples products from the stream of commerce when there is cause to collect information (per section §2.4 of the OMRI Policy Manual©).     $1750 for onsite inspection;
$500 for stream of commerce sampling
Random Inspections and Sampling OMRI conducts periodic random site inspections and product sampling for general surveillance, and to verify OMRI Listed products in the marketplace. These random inspections and inspection reviews are conducted free of charge. Free
Rebuttal or Appeal To rebut or appeal a decision made by OMRI. (Fee may be refundable, see section §5.2 of the OMRI Policy Manual) $225 U.S. per
product plus
costs incurred
Arbitration Costs If arbitration from legal professionals is necessary
to resolve a rebutted decision.(see section §5.2
of the OMRI Policy Manual).
½ of costs incurred
File Copy Fee To receive a copy of your application materials from OMRI. $100 per
application copied