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Company or Product Change Fees

If there is any change to a currently OMRI Listed® product, OMRI must review that change in order to verify continued compliance with organic standards. All changes should be reported to OMRI at least 60 days prior to their implementation date. Additional fees may apply for unreported changes discovered by OMRI. If you have questions about product changes, please contact OMRI's application support team at (541) 343-7600 ext.105 or at


Table 5: Company and Product Change Fees
Type of Change Reported
Administrative Changes
Company Name* Free --
Company Ownership* Free --
Product Name* Free --
Product Label Free --
Manufacturing Sites Free --
Deletion of Ingredient Supplier Free --
Technical Changes
Changes to Ingredients  Free --
Deletion of Ingredients $150 $375
Manufacturing Process $150 $375
Ingredient Proportions $150 $375
Changing or Adding Ingredient Supplier $150 $375
Adding/Substituting Ingredients$150$375
Adding an Alternate Formulation** $150  $375
Adding a Category $150 N/A
Changing or Adding a Use Class $225



* Contact OMRI for details, additional fees may apply.
** An Alternate Formulations is a variation of a product that is sold under the same product name but is manufactured differently, contains different ingredients, and/or contains the same ingredients in different proportions. The annual renewal fee for each alternate formulation can be found on our Review Cost page.