OMRI Status


What is the difference between the OMRI status of "Allowed" and "Allowed with Restrictions" on the OMRI Products List?

Allowed products are composed solely of ingredients listed on the OMRI Generic Materials List as allowed. OMRI assigns a status of Allowed with Restrictions to products that contain one or more ingredients that are Allowed with Restrictions on the OMRI Generic Materials List.  All products must be used as directed on their labels. While Allowed products may be used in certified organic production for the listed Use Class and Category, Allowed with Restrictions products may be used only for certain uses, or only under specific documented conditions. OMRI considers materials Allowed with Restrictions when the substance is listed with a restriction on the National List, or there is a restriction described in the text of the USDA National Organic Program Rule. Some Allowed with Restrictions materials may be used only after preferred alternatives were attempted and their use is documented in the Organic System Plan. Both allowed synthetic and prohibited nonsynthetic materials that appear on the National List may have annotations that limit their use. Some materials may be used only from a specific source or if the material is free from contamination by prohibited substances. Check with the certification agency for policy regarding material evaluation and usage restrictions as certifiers may not allow use of an Allowed with Restrictions material if it does not comply with regulations for that material's usage.