Laboratory Tests


Are laboratory tests required for my product?

Lab results are only required with applications for listing in the Use Classes “Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments” or “Crop Management Tools and Production Aids.” Required tests must be included with the application and may include Fecal coliform and Salmonella, Heavy Metals, and Nutrient levels. OMRI now requires N-P-K test results for all applications in the Crop Fertilizer and Soil Amendments class. Other specific categories, such as acid stabilized liquid fish products, require pH testing, while processed manure products require moisture level tests. For information on which tests are required, see the Product Report-Crop form in your application packet. The Review Standards for Lab Analyses sheet also provides specific information about acceptable results and how results should be reported.

If you need further clarification, please call OMRI’s Application Coordinator at (541) 343-7600 x105. For help locating a lab to do the analysis, see the Partial List of Analytical Labs that OMRI maintains.

Lab analysis reports must be labeled in a way that is consistent with the product name, include the methods and units used, and must be less than a year old.