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Cardboard, Fungicide-Impregnated
Processing Pest Controls
Nonsynthetic Nonagricultural
Allowed with Restrictions
Processing Pest Controls
Synthetic/Nonsynthetic Agricultural/Nonagricultural
Synthetic and nonsynthetic fungicides that are not explicitly listed on the National List for such use may only be used in conjunction with the facility pest management practices provided for in 205.271(a) and (b) and only if these practices are not effective to prevent or control pests. Contact with food or ingredients must be prevented. All synthetic fungicides that are not explicitly allowed or restricted for fungicidal use are prohibited in packaging materials and storage containers or bins. Includes fumigants and fungicide impregnated papers used in packaging. See Glossary for definition of "fungicide."
205.105(c) & 205.272(b)(1)
Fungicides – nonsynthetic
Allowed with Restrictions
Crop Pest, Weed, and Disease Control
When used as a pesticide, only to be used for disease control. May be used for other pesticidal purposes only if the requirements of 205.206(e) are met. See also BIOLOGICAL CONTROLS.
205.206(d)(2) Disease problems may be controlled through… Application of nonsynthetic biological, botanical, or mineral inputs & 205.206(e)