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Generic Materials Search: microbial inoculants

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Microbial Inoculants
Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments, Crop Management Tools and Production Aids
Organisms that are used to inoculate compost, plants, seeds, and soils, such as actinomycetes, rhizobial bacteria, and mycorrhizal fungi, Azolla, yeast, and other microorganisms. May not be derived from genetically modified organisms. See also MICROBIAL PRODUCTS – ALLOWED.
205.105 & 205.206(d)(2)
Silage Treatments
Livestock Management Tools and Production Aids
Includes fermentation aids, preservatives, and microbial inoculants. May not be directly fed to animals. Must be labeled for silage treatment purposes. May contain non-organic agricultural ingredients, allowed nonsynthetic ingredients and synthetic ingredients listed on 205.603 for feed purposes. See also INOCULANTS.
Water Treatments
Crop Management Tools and Production Aids
Includes treatments for pond water and surface water run off. Treatment may be used for water which comes into contact with soil or crop. See also MICROBIAL PRODUCTS, MICROBIAL INOCULANTS and WATER.