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Manure – processed
Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
Manure products treated so that all portions of the product, without causing combustion, reach a minimum temperature of either 150° F (66° C) for at least one hour or 165° F (74° C), and are dried to a maximum moisture level of 12%; or an equivalent heating and drying process could be used. Processed manure may be used as a supplement to a soil building program without a specific interval between application and harvest. Processed manure products must not contain more than 1x10³ (1,000) MPN fecal coliform per gram of processed manure sampled and must not contain more than 3 MPN Salmonella per 4 grams of processed manure sample. See also MANURE ASH; MANURE – RAW, UNCOMPOSTED. See Glossary for definition of "manure."