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Generic Materials Search: cocoa bean hulls

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Cocoa Bean Hulls
Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
Must not contain prohibited materials.
205.203(c)(3) Uncomposted plant materials.
Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments, Crop Management Tools and Production Aids
Includes aquatic or terrestrial plants or parts of plants such as cover crops, green manures, crop wastes, hay, leaves, meals and straw. Parts of plants used as soil amendments and foliar feeds are permitted. May be from nonorganic sources. Specific materials must be evaluated using the OMRI GMO Decision trees to determine compliance. See also COCOA BEAN HULLS, COTTON GIN TRASH, COTTONSEED MEAL, PLANT EXTRACTS, and individual plant listings.
205.203(c)(3) Uncomposted plant materials.