OMRI Inspections

Welcome OMRI Inspectors! When logged into the OMRI website, you can view the right-hand “Inspector Menu.” Here you can find information about the OMRI inspection program, download training materials, and download current inspection forms. You also have access to the right-hand “Applicant Menu” which allows you to download the current OMRI Policy and Standards Manuals, OMRI checklists, and Review Standards.

Scope of OMRI Inspections:
OMRI conducts site inspections and samples products collected from the stream of commerce. This ensures that we have clear and complete information regarding all OMRI Listed products and helps verify that suppliers of OMRI Listed products continue to conform to OMRI standards on an ongoing basis. Products are chosen for inspection or sampling when there is cause to collect such information and also randomly to verify compliance. OMRI randomly samples or inspects at least 1% of all OMRI Listed Products per year.

In accordance with NOP Guidance 5012, OMRI also inspects all liquid fertilizers with a nitrogen analysis or label claim of >3%.

If you have any questions about OMRI inspections, please email the Inspections Administrator at inspections (at) omri (dot) org.