How to Use

How to use OMRI Listed® Products

The OMRI Listed® Seal assures the suitability of a products for certified organic production, handling, and processing under the following conditions:

  • For certified organic farmers, the product must be included in the operator's approved organic system (farm) plan.
  • Product use must be in accordance with any restrictions described in the OMRI Products List under the product's category. 

Also, OMRI recommends that users of OMRI Listed® products follow these suggestions:

  • Note that many product or manufacturer names are similar.  Check to make sure that both product and manufacturer names match exactly the text on the label.
  • Apply the product according to instructions or purpose on the label.
  • Guard against the possibility of environmental contamination and negative ecological impacts.
  • Handle products with care for the safety of the workers involved.
  • Contact the manufacturer about a product's efficacy, health and environmental effects.